"A healthy team and work atmosphere has always been apart of wisnet.com’s values and culture. It’s not just about taking care of our team members from a financial perspective, it’s ensuring we are also compassionate about their physical and mental well-being. After all, our health/well-being impacts our thinking, our output, and most importantly, the way we engage with our team and our customers. To live up to our values, foster a healthy culture and happy team, wisnet.com has many programs and initiatives in place including healthy and convenient snacks/lunches in our cafe, an onsite fitness center, internal fitness incentive programs to get people moving, company-provided bikes, coordinated team rides, sponsored walks/runs/rides, and more. Flexible scheduling and time off also address our genuine concern for work/life balance. All these efforts contribute to the overall fitness/happiness of our team and aid significantly in retention/recruitment efforts. Well City Fond du Lac aligns perfectly with this crucial element of our culture."

Rick Kolstad
Wisnet.com, LLC

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