Well Workplace University is an internationally recognized learning opportunity where business leaders, health care professionals, and wellness practitioners come together to learn the art and science of building world-class worksite wellness programs. Utilizing our trademarked training blueprint known as the "Well Workplace" process, participants are immersed in the "real world" of worksite wellness.

Drawing from the actual experiences and practices of North America's best-run corporate wellness programs, this unique training opportunity exposes participants to a framework for building comprehensive health promotion initiatives.

Because Well Workplace University is designed to equip participants with both the "theory behind the thinking" as well as the important "how-to's," participants walk away from this training with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently design and deliver worksite wellness programs that do what they're supposed to — produce results.

Well Workplace University can be taken online by registering at http://absoluteadvantage.org/member-benefits/certifications-trainings/webinar-schedule

Want more info? Drop us a line: jbutz@faboh.com

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